Baby Passports

Evelyn is the youngest Fisher or Denenberg to get her passport in the history of both families. What a claim to fame! We were talking with GG June on FaceTime this past week and she was so happy to notice that Evelyn was going to be doing so much in her lifetime if she was already traveling overseas.

We have gotten a lot of questions about how to get a 2 week old a passport. So, for everyone wondering about the process, or needing to get a passport for their little one, I thought I would jot down a few thoughts.

The Process:

  1. Get a birth certificate and request a SSN for the baby. We have been told that this could take upwards of 6 weeks to receive a birth certificate/SSN. I think that we are really lucky to live in a small town, and Colorado because that sped up the process a lot. We didn’t end up needing a SSN because I declared that Evelyn had never had one before, or had not been given one yet when we applied for the passport. We asked the nurse at the hospital if there was a way to get her birth certificate sooner that the 2 week waiting period. She said that she could process it by the end of the week because E was born on a Saturday. Score!
  2. Get passport photos. We went to COSTCO! You can get 4 passport photos for five dollars. We found a white towel from Costco and put it in her carseat and the photo-lab technician took her passport photo right there. Something to note: You must be wearing color… no white shirts. This goes for Baby too! Baby’s eyes do not need to be open for their passport photo.
  3. Print the application on the passport website! Here is the link. My advice to you (because you must apply in person for a minor with both parents present) is to leave things blank if you don’t know for sure what to write. The passport agents were awesome and I think it was much easier for them to just tell us what to write instead of new paperwork and crossing things out.
  4. In Denver, there is an government office that expedites passports. I am certain that there is one in your city as well. We had to have a letter or plane tickets that stated E needed her passport within the next month to apply for it in the office. They can process requests as soon as that same day if need be.
  5. Pay them money and submit your paperwork… Lots of money for such a tiny person’s passport. Luckily it lasts for five years.

Its not difficult or stressful, although at the time it was a little hectic. We received the passport in the mail the next week with no hassles. Hope this helps simplify the process and give some encouragement. If you have any questions please contact me.


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