A New Start

For a long time, I have been ignoring our blog. About the time of my last post, I deleted many photos from the site by accident. Instead of trying to sift through photos and reorder and add from my many, many folders on many, many hard drives I just thought I would let the site go and allow it to fade into the oblivion of the world wide web. As an Enneagram 4, I often withdraw to see who is paying attention, I often ignore my problems and try to think about other things.  I was notified via email that my URL would automatically renew in 3 days. And of course, I received the email a week after it was sent. So, it seemed like a sign that I should start writing again.

During this time, writing these posts, no matter how many or few people read them will help me decompress and debrief the last few (traumatic) months. It will be a new start, to our blog and maybe to our lives.




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