4 Years

Today is November 8th. This day  four short years ago, Nicholas and I got married!! I thought I would celebrate my love with a list of reasons why he is the best.

  1. He writes me love notes.
  2. He knows who I am. Deeply.
  3. He understands all my “tells”.
  4. He reads to me.
  5. He is a fantastic daddy.
  6. He is adventurous.
  7. He remembers important things.
  8. He writes poetry.
  9. He writes short stories.
  10. He writes songs.
  11. He tries to make me write.
  12. He likes playing soccer.
  13. He likes the worst team in the NFL. And NHL.
  14. He doesn’t care that I don’t like the same teams.
  15. He supports me and wants me to pursue my goals.
  16. He is encouraging.
  17. He does lots of hard things with me.
  18. He washes the dishes.
  19. He changes poopy diapers.
  20. He built a boat and floated down the Mississippi River.
  21. He knows who he is.
  22. He loves Jesus.
  23. He loves teaching kids.
  24. He is close with his sister.
  25. He is ridiculously funny.
  26. He wants to learn Chinese and pass the HSK.
  27. He wants to put down roots.
  28. He is a little bit of a hypochondriac.
  29. He doesn’t let me be a hypochondriac.
  30. He drinks more coffee than I do.
  31. He knows how to let go of worry and fear.
  32. He is brave.
  33. He likes to talk to everyone.
  34. He doesn’t just accept the status quo.
  35. He questions why things are the way they are.
  36. He is non-conservative but very traditional.
  37. He said yes to my dream of living overseas.
  38. He doesn’t hold my student loan debt against me.
  39. He won’t know I wrote this because he never checks his FB.
  40. He is my second self.

Ten reasons for every year and still there are more. I can’t wait to grow old with you and go through every season of our lives together. I am so blessed to be your wife and I am so pleased with you.  Happy anniversary!


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