Boy or girl?

Holy cow, we are having a baby!!!! If you want to know what gender baby we’re having, keep reading…

Not sure who remembers the beginning of this blog came when we had our second miscarriage during 2013. What a different story this pregnancy is! I can hardly believe that we are nearly 20 weeks along. So let me tell you the whole story.


We have been mostly silent since we returned from overseas and we only shared that Vietnam just wasn’t right for us. What we didn’t share, is that we really, very badly, wanted to start our own family. I don’t know if you’ve read any of my posts about healthcare in Asia, you know that it is not like healthcare in America. A Google search of giving birth in China was enough to scare me off.

So we came home and started trying. I know exactly when I told Nicholas that we were pregnant…. because it happened to be our 3 year anniversary. Although I wasn’t drinking the complimentary champagne offered to us, it was our most memorable and romanic anniversary. But, it was also the time when we chose to keep our pregnancy top secret.

4D Baby Picture! 

It was so heartbreaking to lose our first two pregnancies that I wasn’t sure I could handle another public miscarriage so we waited, and waited  and WAITED.  We finally told our parents on Christmas and announced in January after we heard the baby’s sweet heart rate (152 bpm if you’re curious).

This past Tuesday, we had our first ultrasound. I didn’t really know how nervous I was for this until it was happening. There were so many “what ifs” and fears I carried with me until now. I have often read and heard and had friends experience heartbreaking losses when they get their 20 week ultrasound. We pray for those friends often.

We also praise God that we are having a healthy, fully developed, sweet baby GIRL!!! 


I am so in awe of the miracle of life. The burden of having a little girl in this world that mistreats women is such a gift. I can’t wait to teach my daughter to be strong and intelligent, and brave. I can’t wait to teach her to swim against the current. I can’t wait to teach her that her value isn’t in the way she looks but the caliber of her character that was God-given. I can’t wait to teach her to be kind and just just like our Lord.

We know that some of you, like us, can’t wait to start preparing for our little one. If you want to bless us with a gift, here is our registry link: We will keep you updated more regularly now that the word is out!


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