I Love Autumn

Well, it has been a while since we experienced a good Autumn season. In China, its mostly just hot then turns immediately bitter cold. There weren’t many changing leaves in Huaqiao and the leaves that fell were swept up almost as soon as they fell. Needless to say it has been lovely drinking spiced cider and seeing trees drop their shimmering red, orange and yellow skirts.


Mostly, in this season of waiting, we are really thankful for God’s provision. Many of you have heard the story about our cars. If you have, feel free to ignore me and simply look at the pictures!



When we were deciding whether or not to stay in Colorado instead of return overseas, it became very apparent that we would not be able to afford a car and a teacher prep program for Nicholas. So I started praying. “God if you want us to stay here, you’ll need to do something about our transportation situation.” Stubbornly I told Nick that I would be moving overseas unless something miraculous happened.

That week we went to visit a principal of an elementary school nearby. Her husband is the pastor of a church in Greeley, CO. She talked about us signing up to substitute teach at her school. I replied, “Well, we don’t have the ability to sub right now. We don’t have a car to drive to work!” She thought for a moment and told us how her husband received a txt message the night before. Someone wanted to give their car away! Well, we didn’t hear from them so we figured that it wasn’t really an option.

A Great Horned Owl on the neighbor’s house.

We told our Bible study the next week, that we needed to buy a cheap car and to keep their ears open for any possibilities. Our friend, Noah, did the World Race a few years ago. When he returned home he bought a van. Noah bought a new CR-V and was looking to sell the van. So Nick took a test drive that night. Noah told Nick that he was given the van for a dollar and he wanted to do the same thing for us. So that week we became the proud owners of a gold van… Which we promptly christened, “The Millennium Falcon”. Mostly because it was old and couldn’t jump to light-speed like it once did.


The next day, we received an email from Baessler Homes in Greeley, Co. They wanted us to have their Honda Accord. So the next week we went and visited and left with the “Silver Bullet”.  God gave us people who are not only extremely kind, they are extremely generous. God humbled me with his power to do the impossible. I said, “God, we need a car.” He replied, “How about more than you could ask for. How about more than you could imagine?” So today I praise God for his church- generous, kind, joyful people who want to follow God’s promptings.



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