Guys… unemployment sucks! We have been home for 3 weeks already. We haven’t worked for 3 months. Now is about the time we start getting stir crazy! Let me back up a little. Many of you are wondering why we are even back in the US.


Theres not a long story there. We got to Vietnam and it just didn’t meet our expectations in some big ways. Mostly, God showed us that there are some places that He will take us that we can forge the path alone until we meet people to join us, but sometimes we should go with an intentionally built team. We felt super empowered to be able to leave and come home. Overall, our time in Vietnam was a huge success that we are very thankful for. The pictures you see are from an orphanage in Bavi. There is an organization that is doing some life changing work there, they still have a long way to go. What a treat it was to visit. It makes us hopeful that one day we will be able to adopt from an orphanage like this one.


So back to the present. We are walking through a jungle right now. Thank goodness we have a roof over our heads and bikes to ride around on. Our difficulty now is deciding on pushing our way into the education system in the States. This means more school, more loans, living in the ghetto while we get through it. At the end, we would be able to move anywhere, even anywhere in the states. Or we could move overseas again somewhere that allows us to save a lot more so we can get our school done and more teaching experience without taking on student loans.  I know we’ll figure it out and until then, I’m going to enjoy this fall season. Fall in the Rockies is one of the best times, don’t you agree?



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