Anxious Days Ahead

Alright folks, as promised, I told you I would update the blog again after we received our visas. We dont technically have them in hand but we will be picking them up from the office in Denver on Thursday. All in all, it was a really smooth process. We were in the office a total of 10 minutes including wait time. The woman who works thereĀ double checked our docs then sent us on our way. We received an email when she sent the documents that same day (last Tuesday) and we had another email yesterday (Monday) when she had them in hand. So in total, getting our Z Visas for China took a week. Total cost for the processing and using an agency was $450 for 2 visas. Boy I’m glad to be reimbursed for this when we get to China!

So now all thats left for us to do is wait, 28 days exactly. Then we freakin’ move to CHINA! So in order not to keep thinking about the short time left, and to take advantage of family time, we took a road trip to Moab, UT this past week. It was a short trip, 5 days 4 nights total. And a budget trip, camping and cooking over a fire the whole way. But we had a blast! As usual, take a look at the photoblog for more pics!

Canyonlands National Park
Canyonlands National Park

It was Nick and Rachel’s first time so their friend Gavin and I helped show them the sights. We hiked 5 days straight in heat that reached 115F at one point. Sights: Dinosaur National Monument; Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry; Aches National Park– Delicate Arch, Broken Arch, Sand Dune Arch, Tunnel Arch; Canyonlands National Park– Upheaval Dome, Murphy Point; Negro Bill Canyon. Miles Hiked: A LOT. Water drank: A TON. Sweat levels: VERY SWEATY.

Friday night drive through a canyon.
Friday night drive through a canyon.

I was so pleased to go back to such a nostalgic family vacation site. It was fun camping along the Colorado River again and seeing such a beautiful, wild desert come to life for my new family. Now on to the rest of the bucket list!

Hiking to Delicate Arch
Hiking to Delicate Arch

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