Ok, well, its not really Sparta. But its fairly epic. We finally received our Foreign Experts Work Permits. This was all we needed (in addition to a LOT of other documents) to submit our paperwork for our Z visas. The photos I’ve uploaded I’ve blurred out our important information so they cannot be reproduced. Sorry guys, no forging available, however,  you can see what to expect when you get them yourself… legally.

Edited Permit Edited nicko

So today we went to Denver to the office and it was awesome. We were there a total of 10 minutes and the lady double checked our documents, we paid an absurd amount of money, and thats that. Easy-peasy, in the bag. EPIC. That was the final step in between us and China. Next stop: Kunshan, PRC.

On another note, we also received a present from our friends John and Carolyn, even though they are in the expensive process of moving their family overseas. AND being epic world travelers themselves, they knew that a good suitcase would be a good investment in our lives. So they bought us a hard case Samsonite EXTRA LARGE suitcase. This thing is gonna travel the world thats all I gotta say. So, a HUGE thank you to our friends for thinking of us and investing in our future as adventurers.


Thats all for now. I’m sure I’ll update you again when we get our visas back. Peace.


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