Doctor, doctor! 

Today we went to the doctor for our health examinations. Whew! Sure am glad that over. After getting a full panel blood work up (or whatever you call it) I was ready for the next part of the exam. Before going into our separate rooms at the doctor’s office, it was Nick’s turn to get blood drawn. I thought that I was bad with needles and blood draws… Well, I’ve finally met my match, in every way. Nick, is not grossed out by needles. In fact he has no problem watching them poke him. But after the 3rd vial of blood, he started proclaiming loudly, “I don’t feel good!” along with getting clammy and pale and saying he couldn’t hear us clearly. 

He didn’t end up passing out, however, he couldn’t give all the blood he was supposed to. So they tried to stick him again halfway through the exam, and nothing came out! Then they called in a different nurse right at the end of the exam, used a bigger needle and poked both arms and nothing came out!!! Now, they just think he had low blood sugar and is dehydrated, and the bloodwork (minus a few tests) came back normal, so nothing to worry about. But what a day! We are now sitting in a delightful coffee shop called Dallabetta’s Muse Coffee in Loveland. Nick has fallen asleep across from me and I have added another picture of him sleeping in public to my collection. 

Side note: We are thankful that we have Medicade because our physical exam was only 5$ apiece. Whoop whoop! We still might get charged for all the bloodwork, but shoot, that’s not as bad as we were expecting. If you’re going to work overseas, see if you qualify for Medicade because it could save you a few pennies. 

As far as the visa process, we are now able to send all of our paperwork to China for them to apply for a working visa for us. 1/3 of the way there! Yes! For anyone curious, we are scheduled to leave on July 28th. Our plan is to be in the Denver area for a few weeks in July. So hit us up to hang out! 


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