Famous Last Words

“I will never live in China,” I said to Nicholas one night almost two months ago. It was right before an interview that Nicholas scheduled for two teaching positions in Shanghai, PRC. After that interview, I amended my statement. “I will only live in China, if we get this job.” What a whirlwind it has been so far. We are learning so much about a culture that I didn’t know anything about only a few short weeks ago. 

Thank God for Youtube and expat blogs on the Internet. I’m still not entirely sure I am ready for what is coming in two months… But shoot, that’s kind of what we wanted anyway. Something new. I will post some interesting links to some videos that we’ve found amusing at the end of this post. 

The difficult thing about moving to China is the struggle of paperwork, medical testing, visas and realizing, that you can’t be around for everything you wanted to be around for. One of my longest friends is getting married  in May. I can remember her saying she was probably never going to get married. I can remember talking about weddings and reassuring her that I knew there was someone special for her too. I remember being single with her, walking though loneliness and doubt with her. And she was my most faithful friend too through a number of our years together.  This past week we discovered the huge financial overhead we must carry for moving overseas. A burden for only a short time (until reimbursement) but one that means I will miss one of the most beautiful events in her life. 

This is the burden of expat life… I keep reading about it in blogs. You won’t be able to be there for everything. You will miss weddings, births, deaths and every little thing inbetween. All I can say is that I trust Jesus. And he never said it was easy, but  he said it would be worth it. I am so thankful for learning opportunities and adventure. I am so pleased and excited for my friends getting married in May!  Marriage is so awesome and I am really excited that my friend gets to experience the depths of joy and struggle and holiness of it all. So you better believe that on your wedding day, I’ll be raising a glass to you both, even if I’m not in the same room. 






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