And Now We Wait…

Alright, nothing much to report here. We lost our first contract in Korea, due to the fact that our paperwork wasn’t complete. Make sure you have all the stuff you need before you accept a job… I wish the recruiter had made sure of this!

So now we are back to square one in the job search.

The most difficult thing during this time is not having a job or any income. Our savings won’t last forever. While applying for overseas jobs we have also been applying for jobs in Fort Collins. Nick has window washing, but with the snow storm right on top of us he can’t get any jobs until it clears up again.

And so we wait…. And wait… And try not to let anxiety take control. I saw a quote on Pinterest lately, it said, “In acceptance there is peace.” I’m not sure where that came from, but it feels especially relevant in my spiritual life right now. If I can accept that God is in control, that we are on track, that we have not been forgotten, then my anxiety will cease. There cannot be anxiety where there is peace. So I even wait for the peace of The Lord through acceptance of my life’s situation.

This is what I have decided to make Lent about this year. That God wants me to give up the anxiety that tries to control my life. So everyday during this Lenten season, the season of waiting, I say, “In acceptance there is Peace.” I say it waiting for the resurrection, waiting for hope, waiting for completion in the physical and spiritual realms. I say it while waiting for a new job.

In acceptance there is peace. Amen.


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