FINALLY. I feel like using this word a lot today… We finally got to the coffee shop this morning… Finally the bus came… Finally I could feel my toes. Finally my FBI check came through.

This last bit, my FBI check came through. Well, the FBI finally charged us for it. Which is more than we expected. Here’s a bit of advice to all the people trying to get a job in South Korea… Go though an approved FBI channeler. We wanted to save a little money and apply directly to the government for our background checks. Even though we applied several months ago, they were so behind on processing results, we were certain that they lost our paperwork.

This mean that the day before we left for Chicago, we were at the police station once again getting fingerprinted. This meant that we needed to submit paperwork for another background check ASAP. Like, we need it next week… If I had done my homework and just paid the 50$ a person to a channeler, we would have had the background check back in 2 weeks maximum.

So here is my advice to those who need background checks: pay a little more upfront so you’re not freaked out and scrambling when you need it.


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