Chicago:Land of the Blue Burqua?

This year starts a whole new adventure for the Denenbergs. What a crazy year we are looking forward to. When we ended last year, I had finished taking the CELTA and it was Nick’s turn to choose what he wanted. So he applied to the same program… in Chicago… in January… Hey what a crazy idea.

So fast forward several months to December, I had counted down, made a calendar and had a plan to move forward with. Off we went. We moved out of our apartment on December 30/31. I don’t even remember New Years Eve. We drove up to Fort Collins with all of our worldly possessions, unpacked them, organized them in storage (thanks mom!) and repacked our suitcases for Chicago. Then left… The next day…Unprepared, under-packed, and way too cold for my own good, I am writing this from a sweet local shop called Big Shoulders Coffee

Today is Nick’s first day of his class and so I am free to move about the cabin… Or city… How does one explore in 1 degree heat with a -15 degree windchill? Well, you find a coffee shop and wait until you get enough liquid courage to brave the gale force winds sure to nip your face and freeze your boogers an inch into your nasal cavity.

For the past few days we have been staying with the Norman family. I accidentally booked the wrong flight and they opened up their home 3 days early and welcomed us to their family Christmas. We have been so thankful for the people here in Chicago who have become our hosts. It’s strange living with people again, almost like moving back home with my parents. I never would have thought that would happen after I was married. It’s a challenge and stretching experience. I am trying to learn how to be comfortable as an introvert in a house full of new people with new rules and ways of doing things.

The cool thing is that the Normans love Jesus and have been to the Middle East. So on Sunday I was able to try on the burqua that so many women wear in Afghanistan. It made me appreciate the freedom of a hijab. How much easier it is to simply wear a headscarf instead of a full covering. I am so thinkful for the freedom of  being a woman in America and the freedom of following Jesus.


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