If you are closely following our lives, which I am sure you are not, you know that we are in limbo. We are waiting for Nicholas’ new school to get his work permit from the Chinese government. We are quite anxious that it will happen this week because we would really like to move already. Most of our belongings are packed into a few suitcases. We are itching to eat baozi and tea eggs, hot and sour soup, xiao long bao, and muslim noodles. We are excited to be out of the waiting game and catapulted into adventure again.

Something that we are about to face in the visa process is which consulate to go through. We must get fingerprinted in person in Chicago if we process our visas as residents of Colorado. If we are able to process them through the Houston consulate then we won’t have to pay lots of money to travel there. However, as we all know, Houston is under some water and we aren’t certain of how that might affect our application. Think of us.

Our time of waiting has given us lots of time to look at old photos of China. I am going to post some, for which no explanation is necessary… or is there? These are the small absurdities that we are super excited to start experiencing again in such an awesome country.

A T-shirt at a store called “Hot Wind”.


Just typical fashion. Old ladies will actually buy these types of stockings that are only ankle length. To be fair, they must keep your feet cleaner than not wearing them.
Not actually all that absurd… but anyplace that has face on the menu is alright with me. I’d like to point out that every family sized dish on this menu costs between 1.82-3.65USD.
Poor Brian doesn’t know how close he was to getting this haircut and color when we came home last August.

3 thoughts on “Absurdity

  1. Haha the ladies here where those socks too! All of them, young and old. Some of them have designs on them too. Haha. It just seems like it would make my feet sweaty. 😉 can’t wait for the stories once you get there!

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