Up And Running


Sorry about my long absence. There is an excuse and it is called China. There were some issues with loading WordPress that I believe have been wrinkled out…

…but there is another excuse to my long absence. Business and Busyness. The gods that our employer worshiped this year had almost consumed our time. Not that we were worshiping them, but merely that all of our free time was rest. And worship with our Group.IMG_20160514_122151

We are quickly approaching our one year mark in China, and what an incredible year it has been. Before we came we had a lot of critics say that we shouldn’t go overseas alone. How I replied was a half faith, half obstinate (sorry) attitude of, “Watch us do it! Because I know God does NOT lead his children to places where they are left on their own.” And so we left America and went. When we got here we were not shy about who we were and what we were about. We made friends with everyone but a few stood out.




You will not be surprised that kindness is always a sign of a Person of Peace. We met our dear friends Jeff and Maria, and then added to our foursome a lovely lady named Ana. Soon a wise lady, Marila, joined us.  I invited an art teacher, Nancy. Marilia brought a Taiwanese teacher named Albert. And God grew our number. At our first meeting to pray together, I said that God had a plan to fill our empty chairs and couches. God was faithful because he always is.


Now,looking forward, we are already missing our family who has moved back home, to other jobs or the members we are leaving behind when we ourselves leave. So I will leave you with this thought: God wants to take you places regardless of your prayer support, financial support or church support. He is the provider of all good things and takes care of his children, even in the valley, even on the summit, even on the climb to the top. 



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