National Day

This week we have vacation. Much needed vacation. This is because it is National Day, and the week after National Day is called Golden Week. Which is awesome. Its not a travel holiday because its the only week that Chinese Nationals get off to travel to sightsee. So we are staying at home this week. Which really, a stay-cation was the way to go.

The stuff...
The stuff…

On National Day our friend Ryan came out to visit from Shanghai. Naturally, all sorts of shenanigans ensued. Ryan had never set off fireworks before so we had to get fireworks. A short drive into the countryside and we found the perfect place to BCU. Blow Crap Up.


Finally an un-posed pic.
Finally an un-posed pic.

The boys spent 180RMB and bought a box of 100 rockets, 8 individual grenade type rockets, 5,000 Black Cat type crackers. It was awesome. As you might know, everything is permissible in China… just about. As Ryan and Nick were setting it all up, a man drove by who we were sure was going to tell us not to light them off here.


All he kept saying (in Chinese) was, “You have so many! You have so many!” and laughed happily for us. We know what he was saying because Ryan speaks Chinese… lucky for us.

I watch from a reasonable distance.
I watch from a reasonable distance.




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