I love…

Some things I love about China are the really small things. I love that flowers bloom when it rains. They dot the trees and shrubs like sprinkles on a very green and brown cake. They are small and subtile and tell of God’s eye for details. These flowers were placed here for beauty and color.

What is that noise???
What is that noise???

I love the way it cools down at night here. One degree makes a breeze refreshing. On degree makes a breeze unbearable. For now, Huaqiao is delightful when we are riding home on our cart. Last night we brought our Jawbone Jambox with us and listened to Mumford and Sons blasting. Looking up at the sky, you could actually see stars. I love when people see us driving and smile. The people who smile not because they think its funny that two foreigners bought a red-neck cart, but we are human and similar to them, because they also drive a red-neck cart. 

What on earth???
What on earth???

I love it when the super market delivers our western food on Sundays. I love that I can order western food. Like cheese (I miss cheese!) or Mission tortillas (I miss Mexican food!) or gluten free flour (I miss having an oven!). Hopefully I’ll be buying a convection oven so I can start baking again.

They're 10 minutes early!?!?!
They’re 10 minutes early!?!?!

I love it when students come up and give me hugs. Or come visit me on a day they don’t have my class, or when they come back to my class during break just to scream “Teacher Denenberg!”, give me a big hug and run off again. I don’t always say I love kids… But they can be fun. The pictures from this post are my first graders trying to get into my class 10 minutes before class starts. One of my colleagues made the remark, “They kind of look like small zombies.” And yes, sometimes they’re out for blood. 


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