Lists and Words

Okay people. We are 13 days (well… 12.5 days) away from leaving for China. This last few weeks has been sweet. We have been staying with my folks in Littleton. And our time has been full. I think when I get stressed, the lists start forming. Its like I’m afraid I’ll forget something. And I probably would. Here’s what I’ve got:

  1. Places to eat at.
  2. Things to pack or purchase.
  3. General to-dos. (Like sell the Honda).
  4. Things to clean/put away.
  5. Bucket list of American things.

I’m sure that by the end, all the boxes will be checked and our ducks in a row. There are just so many details that we have to pay attention to. Anyone else moving abroad know what I mean?? The fun stuff has been seeing friends. A lunch here, an ice cream sendoff there. We realized that there was no way to say goodbye to everyone adequately so we settle for what we are able to do.

A project that was really unexpected was at my parents house. My dad is remodeling my childhood home one room at a time. Nick and I offered to rip out the carpet in the living room and hallway to expose the (PERFECT) oak hardwood underneath. It was so fun to do this and to see the amazing effect it had on the house. It was fun jamming out and cursing the ‘carpetters’ under my breath for the amount of staples and tack strips they used. It was even more fun to shop for an area rug at IKEA with my mom. Here’s a collage from Nicholas.


Being at IKEA really reminded me how excited I am to have my own house again. I’m excited to decorate and get everything all cozy. I’m excited to host our fellow teachers and Chinese friends. I’m excited to meet expats and have them over for all American nights when we get homesick. I’m excited at the possibility of having our friends come visit and stay in our guest room. Overall, I’m just excited. And it good that its only 13 days away. I’m certain I wouldn’t last any longer than that.  We just keep trusting God to get us through the whole moving process… more to come about this!


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