Bucket List

Well, its official. This week we send our documents to the Chinese embassy. It should only take 6 days to process, however, if you’ve ever tried to get a visa, you know that it can take much longer than you expect. But while we wait (ONLY 41 DAYS!) for our visas and for our last days here, we are working out our American bucket list.

Heres what we’ve got for now:

  1. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
  2. Rockies game
  3. LOTS of coffee: Nixon’s, Wash Perk, Crema &etc.
  4. Biking… to anywhere
  5. Quality time with my family
  6. Moab road trip
  7.  Fishing (I put this in for Nicholas)

The pictures I’ve posted in the next post (Photoblog) are from this past weekend.We’ve decided the thing were going to miss most about America, is probably the people we love. So, We had our dear friends Brandon and Kate come from Greeley on Friday. Then Erika and Jeff on Sunday for the Taste of Fort Collins. What a grand weekend adventure it was. It had everything from good food, rescuing frogs, and puppy love.


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